Korean Senior Association Started Voter Registration.

The Korean Senior Association of Atlanta held a voter campaign. Karim Briscoe, Election Coordinator, Gwinnett County Board of Elections, and Kyung-Seok Chae, Vice President/GNT NEWS

The Korean Senior Association of Atlanta (Chairman Na Sang-ho) conducted voter registration and election education at the Korean Center on the 19th with the Gwinnett County Election Commission.

Chae Gyeong-seok, vice president of the Korean Senior Association, said, “This event was prepared to help Korean-American citizens exercise their rights and increase the low voting participation rate by guiding them on the importance of elections and how to participate.”

At the event, which started at 10 a.m., election coordinator Karim Briscoe of the Gwinnett County Board of Elections and Attorney Jong-Won Lee explained how to vote in the US and helped voters register, and many people volunteered to share food.

Gwinnett County Election Commissioner Karim Briscoe, who served as the head of on-site election training, also said that the purpose of the event was to support the Korean community and help voter registration.

As for election education, information on address voting, early voting, and absentee voting was provided, and mock voting was also conducted.

In US elections, even citizens can participate in elections only by registering to vote can do it 29 days prior to election date.

By Eugene Lee

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