“Prayer meeting for peaceful reunification of the Korean Peninsula will be held in Atlanta”

(From left) Pastor Nak-shin Choi, Missionary Ji-seong Song/Gloabl News Today

30th, 4:00pm at John’s Creek Hanbit Presbyterian Church

11 members of the presidency and executives from Korea visit Atlanta for a prayer meeting

The 34th Prayer Meeting hosted by the World Korean Christian Council (representative Pastor Shin Hwa-seok, WKCC) will be held on April 30 at 4:00 p.m. at Johns Creek Hanbit Presbyterian Church in Atlanta.

At this prayer meeting, 11 members of the presidency and executives from Korea will visit Atlanta.

This prayer meeting, organized by the Peaceful Unification Prayer Committee, is for the freedom and peaceful unification of the Korean Peninsula, with the theme of ‘Let us unite in Christ (Ephesians 1:10)’.

At a press conference held at Duluth Korean Restaurant on the 14th, missionary Song Ji-seong, co-chairman of WKCC, said, “The system of division between North and South Korea is a task of the times that the Republic of Korea is facing. “I do,” he said of this prayer meeting.

At this prayer meeting, 11 members of the presidency and executives, including representative Jeon Ki-hyun, from Korea will visit Atlanta. In addition, congratulatory remarks by Pastor Lee Moon-gyu, president of the Atlanta Korean Churches Association, and congratulatory remarks by representative Korean organizations in Atlanta were scheduled.

Missionary Song Ji-seong said, “Remembering the pain of the division of the Korean Peninsula, WKCC has been carrying out the prayer movement for the freedom, peace and reunification of the Korean Peninsula since 2014 in 179 countries around the world. Although it is short, I hope that many people will participate and join in prayer.”

contact : Missionary Song Ji-seong 678-622-1996

By Eugene Lee

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