Advisory of FKASE made up fundraising of $50,212

Executives and advisory members of FKASE made up fundraising of $50,212.

On the 10th in Duluth GA, the Advisory Committee of the Federation of Korean American S.E.USA. made the fundraising of $50,212.82 succesfully handed to the Federation of Korean American S.E.USA (FKASE).

This fund rasied at the golf tournament held by the Advisory Committee of FKASE on March 26.

The host Han-seng Lee, advisory chairman said, “This is to raise funds for the 2023 Korean American Southeastern Sports Festival. Despite the inclement weather on the day, about 100 people from 27 Korean associations from 5 states in the southeastern region attended the event and donated for the southeast Korean sports festival”.

Lee expressed his gratitude for the generous support, saying, “The fundraising contest was able to be held successfully thanks to all of you who came from all over the world.”

Andew Hong, president of FKASE said, “We held the first advisory committee golf tournament and raised the highest fund ever. I will spend every cent as much as I can with gratitude”.

Meanwhile, the 41st Southeastern Korean Sports Festival will be held at the golf club and Duluth High School from June 9 to 10.

According to Hong, many events such as table tennis and taekwondo will be held on campus, and there will be more things to see without being affected by the weather.

Also, The cultural evens plan to focus on the closing ceremony simply for the convenience of visitors. The specific sports competition schedule and cultural event schedule will be announced later.

By Eugene Lee


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