RM’s official Instagram terrorized by Chinese netizens after he supports for the Korean short track team


The Beijing Winter Olympics kicked off on February 4 and will be taking place until February 20. Many Korean citizens, including BTS‘s leader RM, is watching the winter games and showing their support for the Korean athletes who are competing.

However, BTS’s Instagram has been filled with malicious comments directed at the global K-pop group’s leader as he posted a short Instagram video of the short track race in support of South Korea, according to Allkpop.

On February 7, the short ice track 1000m race for the semifinals took place. On this day, Hwang Dae Heon crossed the finish line in first place in the men’s 1000m semi-final group 1 race. However, Hwang Dae Heon, who maintained his lead until the end despite the aggressive offense of the Chinese skaters, failed to advance to the finals because the referee gave him a controversial penalty stating that he made an illegal late pass that caused contact.

Korean netizens commented, “How can this be the Olympics?” “It’s so not fair how the Korean athlete who was dragged down was disqualified but the Chinese athletes made it to the finals, lol,” “They should just not call this the Olympics, this is just so biased,” “It’s really sad how the Korean team was disqualified,” and “Wow, what did I just see. Is this for real?”

In regards to BTS’s Instagram being terrorized, they commented, “I really don’t know why they’re taking it out on RM or BTS,” “RM is King because he still shows support no matter what malicious comments he gets,” “Now BTS’s Instagram is being filled with purple hearts because ARMY is adding comments to prevent those malicious comments,” “Since BTS is global I’m glad they don’t have to care about the Chinese market,” “He’s King-tan, lol,” “I love how he showed support,” “I really don’t understand why they are expressing anger at BTS,” “I should go add purple hearts too, lol,” and “I’m not even a BTS fan and still put purple hearts there, lol.”

Nevertheless, BTS’s RM showed his support and cheered on the Korean short-track skater and posted an Instagram story video showing the skater entering the finish line at number 1. He posted the short video with the clapping emoticon and the thumbs-up emoticon cheering for the South Korean athlete.

That must have angered some Chinese netizens as they flocked to BTS’s official Instagram and left malicious comments that included emoticons such as the ‘throw up’ emoticon, or the middle finger emoticon. 

Since BTS members’ individual accounts only allow comments from people they follow, these Chinese netizens have gone to BTS’s official Instagram account to leave various comments of hate.

Many Korean netizens are expressing their perplexity toward this whole incident as they do not understand why they are gathering to BTS’s social media to direct their anger at the group. Many Korean netizens pointed out that South Korea is the one that has experienced unfairness as the South Korean team was wrongfully disqualified.

These Korean netizens gathered to an online community to criticize that the Chinese short-track skaters were allowed to make the semi-finals despite the foul play throughout the race. These online communities included various videos showing the instances the Chinese athletes were seen cheating during the race and being aggressive towards other athletes and faced no penalties.


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