Photo: Ukrainian woman mourns over husband’s body

A Ukrainian woman collapsing in grief after her husband was exhumed from a shallow grave in the town of Andriivka. Photo by SERGEI SUPINSKY/AFP via Getty Images

Heart-wrenching photos from the Ukrainian town of Andriivka show the moment Monday that a Ukrainian woman identified her husband’s body after he was exhumed from a shallow grave.

The woman, who has not been identified, is seen collapsing in grief next to the body of her husband. He is laid out on a tarp in front of a grave a few feet deep, still wearing a striped orange sweatshirt and blue jeans.

After she falls to the ground, a Ukrainian police officer and another man can be seen helping her up.

The town of Andriivka, in the Kyiv oblast, is one of many around the capital where civilians were killed in a series of apparent atrocities at the hands of Russian occupiers before their withdrawal late last month.

Residents said Russian forces arrived in the early days of the invasion, and confiscated everyone’s phones. Some of the locals were detained and eventually released, while others disappeared. Still other residents hid from the Russians in their basements, according to NYPOST.

“First we were scared, now we are hysterical,” said Valentyna Klymenko, 64. “We didn’t cry at first. Now we are crying.”

Klymenko said she, her husband and two neighbors hid from Russian forces, sleeping at night on sacks of potatoes.

Hundreds of civilians have been found dead throughout Kyiv’s suburbs after Russian forces retreated, prompting worldwide calls for war crimes prosecutions.

The woman is helped up by police
Andriivka was occupied by Russian troops in the early days of the invasion.
The unidentified woman rushing to her husband's body after it was exhumed.
The unidentified woman rushing to her husband’s body after it was exhumed.


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