New K-Dramas coming to Netflix in March 2022


Tomorrow (Season 1) N

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 16
Genre: Drama, Fantasy | Runtime: 60 Minutes
Cast: Kim Hee Sun, Rowoon, Lee Soo Hyuk, Yoon Ji On, Kim Chae Eun
Netflix Premiere Date: Friday, March 25th, 2022 | New Episodes: Fridays, Saturdays

Netflix jas rarely seen dramas emerge from MBC, but that’s not to say we aren’t looking forward to seeing what Tomorrow has in store for us. We expect plenty of K-Pop fans will be tuning in to stream to see Rowoon of the K-Pop boy band SW9 in action.

Despite his prestigious background, Choi Joon Woong just can’t seem to find a job, no matter how hard he tries. But one night, he accidentally comes into contact with two death angels, Gu Ryeon and Im Ryoog Gu, who work for a crisis management team that tries to stop people from committing suicide.

Misty (Season 1)

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 16
Genre: Drama | Runtime: 70 Minutes
Cast: Kim Nam Joo, Ji Jin Hee, Jeon Hye Jin, Im Tae Kyung, Go Jun
Netflix Release Date: Tuesday, March 1st, 2022

The second new JTBC drama coming soon, it appears that Netflix is getting some of the best of the network’s dramas from 2018.

Go Hye Ran is an ambitious anchorwoman for the popular news show, News 9. She is passionate about her job and doesn’t stop until she gets what she wants. One day, she meets an old lover and his wife and gets tangled in a murder case. Her husband Kang Tae Wook, who is a public defender, decides to defend his wife and fix their failed marriage.

Thirty-Nine (Season 1) N

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 12
Genre: Drama | Runtime: 70 Minutes
Cast: Son Ye Jin, Jeon Mi Do, Kim Ji Hyun, Yeon Woo Jin, Lee Moo Saeng
Netflix Finale Date: March 24th, 2022 | New Episodes: Wednesdays & Thursdays

Three women, who each met other during their second year in high school, have remained friends for years and are now all on the verge of turning 40. With such a landmark birthday on the horizon, there are still lots the trio wishes to achieve such as lessons in love, careers, and family matters.

Forecasting Love and Weather (Season 1) N

Seasons: 1 | Episodes: 16
Genre: Romantic, Comedy | Runtime: 60 Minutes
Cast: Park Min Young, Song Kang, Yoon Park, Yura, Kim Mi Kyung
Netflix Finale Date: April 3rd, 2022 | New Episodes: Saturdays & Sundays

At the Korea Meteorological Administration, Korea’s national weather forecast service, Jin Ha Kyung, has alienated herself, by choice, from the rest of her colleagues as she prefers to play things by the book, and keep personal and professional lives separate. However, when the free-spirited Lee Shi Woo is employed, he impresses Jin Ha Kyung, through his intelligence and his obsession with the weather, he slowly begins to break down the barriers that Jin Ha Kyung has built around her heart.


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