Man beaten up by police officer Gwinnett, seeks $400,000 settlement

Demetrius Hollins(Front), a black man, has been awarded $400,000 in compensation after being beaten by two Gwinnett police officers. (Rear. Chris Stewart, Esq) Photo: AJC

Stuart Miller Simmons Law Firm Holds Public Officials Responsible for Violation of Oath of Civil Service

Authorities charged with assaulting jury after firing police

A man who was kicked and beaten by a Gwinnett County police officer has been awarded a $400,000 settlement in a federal lawsuit.

Stuart Miller Simmons Law firm said in a statement on April 12, 2017, that Demetrius Hollins, a black man, was assaulted by two white police officers at the time, the officer who was later fired and charged. The assaulted Hollins filed a lawsuit in September against a police officer, a former police chief and the county.

Assault officer Michael Bongiovanni stopped Hollins’ vehicle over license plate problems at the time of the incident and punched Hollins in the face shortly after he got out of the car with his hand raised. As Hollins lay on his back without resisting, Officer Robert MacDonald came running and trampled Hollins on the head.

“I don’t want other people to experience the pain and horror I’ve suffered,” Hollins said after the lawsuit was filed. .

AJC covered on the 12th that Gwinnett County refused to comment on the 400,000 dollar settlement on the 11th (Tuesday).

The case was closed in December, 2021, court records show, and last week the Gwinnett County Board approved the payment of the settlement. 

In the case, the court accused Gwinnett police leaders of ignoring patterns of excessive violence and false reports involving the two officers.

A grand jury charged both officers with assault. Officer Bongiovanni denied the aggravated assault in 2019, but was sentenced to six months in prison and placed under house arrest for five months.

Officer McDonald was found guilty by a jury and sentenced to 11 months under house arrest and 10 years of probation.

Hollins attorneys Justin Miller and Chris Stewart said in an emailed statement, “We are delighted that Gwinnett County has decided to settle the suit brought by Demetrius Hollins. Representing the final chapter in the pursuit of justice for Mr. Hollins, this reconciliation is one of the greatest events in Gwinnett’s history. ”

Meanwhile, Stuart Miller Simmons Law Firm, a lawyer specializing in personal injury, traffic accidents, and various accidents, has been awarded $1 billion (1.2 trillion won) in compensation in one case. He also defended the case of George Floyd, who was killed by the police, and received $27 million in indemnification.


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