Incheon airport to adopt new security screening system in Septermber

Passengers at Incheon International Airport (Yonhap)

Starting in September, passengers departing from Incheon International Airport won’t need to take out their laptops or liquid items from their carry-on bags. 

According to Incheon International Airport on Wednesday, it will adopt a smart security screening system to shorten the entire departure process by applying advanced technology which will automatically detect prohibited liquids and hazardous items including weapons, radioactive materials and certain types of lithium batteries. 

The test trial of the smart security screening system will begin in September at departure gate 3 at Terminal 1 of Incheon International Airport. By 2025, all departure areas and transfer areas will be equipped with the smart screening devices in a gradual move, the airport said. 

“We plan to use smart security screening devices to effectively prepare for the rebounding travel volume which is expected to return to previous levels with outbound flight expansion,” said Incheon International Airport CEO Kim Kyung-wook.

On Wednesday, the country’s Transport Ministry said it would allow local air carriers to expand their international routes and increase the number of international flights to the 50 percent-level compared to the pre-pandemic situation by the year-end.

The advanced CT X-ray system can conduct a detailed 3D scanning of passengers’ items. It can also automatically detect explosive items inside a bag without needing to open it.

Used in conjunction with full-body scanners, which have been used at the airport’s Terminal 2 since 2018, the airport operator said the smart screening devices will more efficiently shorten the duration it takes for passengers’ overall departure process and strengthen the level of security check. 

The airport’s Automatic Tray Return System (ATRS) has been also upgraded with an automatic sterilization process. This will allow the workforce at the airport to efficiently handle more loads of passengers’ items for screening simultaneously.


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