Georgia sees highest COVID-19 positivity rate during the pandemic


Georgia currently has the highest COVID-19 positivity rate than at any other time during the pandemic. The 7-day average positivity rate was 23% Monday, up from 4.7% on Dec. 1.

According to wsbtv, Cases of COVID-19 are currently rising at the highest rate among the unvaccinated. More than 12,504 new cases were reported in unvaccinated people the week of Dec. 18. By comparison, around 5,300 new cases were reported among people who had gotten two shots of the COVID-19 vaccine, and 504 cases were reported among people who have had their booster shots.

The last time the positivity rate was this high was on April 2, 2020, when Gov. Brian Kemp ordered a shelter in place for the state.

On Christmas Day, the Georgia Department of Health reported the second-highest number of new cases since the pandemic began, with 10,044 new cases reported. Jan. 8, 2021 still holds the record for the highest number of cases reported at 10,165.

Only 52.4% of Georgians have been fully vaccinated against the virus.

Georgia could see more than 15,000 daily cases of COVID-19 two weeks from now, according to a COVID-19 case prediction model created by the Mayo Clinic.

Monday’s case total was three times what it was just one week ago and 10 times the 7-day average just a month ago.


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