GA State House of Representatives announces ‘Lunar New Year’ resolution.

On the 31st, the Lunar New Year resolution was announced at the Georgia State Capitol in the presence of Governor Brian Kemp./Korean News Atlanta

AAPI Legislative Committee Joint Proposal (HR39) with Rep. Soo Hong

Governor Kemp and many AAPI leaders attended and celebrated.

“200,000 Asians in GA recognize this day as a new year”

Lunar New Year, which had been called Chinese New Year, was named Lunar New Year through a resolution initiated by the Georgia State House of Representatives.

Representatives of the AAPI legislative caucus of the Georgia legislature, including Rep. Soo Hong held a proclamation ceremony for the Lunar New Year Resolution (HR39), which introduces Lunar New Year as a tradition not only of China, but also of Korea and Vietnam, as well as Georgia’s AAPI community, at the Georgia State Capitol on the 31st.

This resolution was initiated on the 24th by Representative Soo Hong (R, 103), Sam Park (D, 107), Long Tran (D, 80). And Matt Reeves (R, 99), Charlie Byrd (R, 20), and Michelle Au (D, 50) were co-sponsored and adopted by the House of Representatives.

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp and Mrs. governor attended at the resolution ceremony.

The Lunar New Year resolution states that Lunar New Year is a holiday celebrated not only by Chinese, but also by Asian Pacific Americans of various origins, who make up 500,000 people who make up 4 percent of Georgia’s population, including Koreans and Vietnamese.

It said, “Lunar New Year is a holiday observed by many Asian communities around the world. In particular, 500,000 Asians live in Georgia, and 200,000 Korean, Chinese, and Vietnamese Americans recognize this day as a new year. We make this a statement to all Georgians, as we are the members who enrich the racial, religious and cultural diversity of the United States.”

“This Lunar New Year, the Year of the Rabbit, will be widely celebrated by these 14 communities as a time to renew family ties and start the new year with a clean plan,” it added.

Rep. Soo Hong said, “All Asians communities participated, and the communities attending today’s event are Korean, Vietnamese, Taiwanese, and Laotian” and said, “I will propose this every year during my tenure.”

Some of the participating attended the proclamation ceremony beautifully dressed in their respective country’s traditions.

From the Korean community, many Koreans attended, including Simon Lee, president of the Korean Association of Atlanta, former Korean Association President Roger Kim, Southeastern US Vietnam Veterans Association President Bong-hyeon Yeo, and Veterans Association President Gyeong-sup Chang of the South American chapter.

Simon Lee said, “Asian communities, including Korean, are working diligently and cooperating for the economic and cultural development of Georgia.”

Also Rep.Pedrro Marin(D,96) and former state senator PK Martin attended.

<By Eugene Lee>

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With Vietnam War veterans/Korean News Atlanta
(From left in the front row) Representative Soo Hong, Korean Association President Lee Hong-ki, Representative Michelle Au, former Korean Association President Kim Baek-gyu/Korean News Atlanta
Lunar New Year Resolution/Korean News Atlanta


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