Free remittance service for Chinese New Year

Remittance image. photo: google

Each bank has different free remittance schedules, so you need to check in advance, up to $1,000 for individual accounts

24th ~ 27th: First IC Bank

25th~28th: ​​Promise One Bank

26-28: Metro City Bank

Korean-managed banks such as Promise One Bank, First IC Bank, and Metro City Bank are offering free remittance services for the upcoming Chinese New Year (February 1).

Promises One Bank allows individual account customers to receive free remittance services at bank branches located in Georgia and Texas without a remittance fee. The free remittance event is from the 25th (Tuesday) to the 28th (Friday). You can remit up to $1,000 per customer to any foreign country, including Korea, without commission.

From the 24th (Mon) to the 27th (Thu), First IC Bank can remit up to $1,000 free of charge to any bank in Korea, China or the United States, only to customers with personal accounts.

In addition, Metro City Bank can send up to $1,000 USD to any foreign country, including Korea, from the 26th (Wed) to the 28th (Fri) only for individual accounts, and can receive a free remittance service only once.

Logos for each bank. From left: Promis One Bank, First IC Bank, and Metro City Bank


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