FKASE held an advisory committee appointment ceremony

The Federation of Korean Association, S.E.U.S.A. held an advisory committee appointment ceremony on the 20th. / Korean News Atlanta

Appointment of 20 advisory committee members including Chairman Lee Han-seong and Ted Lee

The Federation of Korean Association, S.E.U.S.A. held an advisory committee (Andrew Hong, Chairman) appointment ceremony of an advisory committee member on the 20th. 

At the event held at 1818 Club in Duluth, with the MC of the vice president Baek Hyun-mi , 20 advisory committee members, including advisory chairman Lee Han-seong and advisory vice chairman Judy Kim, were appointed and the certificates of appointment were delivered.

Andrew Hong, president of the association, said, “We plan to appoint more people so that the advisory committee can become a practical organization.” requested their cooperation.

Advisory Chairman Lee Han-seong said, “I will try to make FKASE, which I have been involved in for 30 years, succeed,” and Vice Chairman Judy Kim said, “I hope that the golf tournament on March 26 and the Southeastern Olympic on June 9 are successfully held. The advisory committee will make every effort to do so.”

The chaiman of board Kim Ki-hwan emphasized, “If the 30th advisory members of assocaiation and gather their strength, we can handle anything.”

In addition, congratulatory remarks were delivered by Simon Lee, president of the Korean Association; Sun Park , president of the Atlanta Georgia Korean Chamber of Commerce, and Chang Gyeong-seop, president of the Southern Branch of the Korean Veterans Association.

FKASE was established 41 years ago. it is an association of 27 regional Korean associations belonging to five states, including North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

The following is the advisory committee members.

  • Advisory Chairman = Lee Han-seong
  • Vice Chairman = Judy Kim
  • Secretary = Shinbeom Kang
  • Members = Ted Lee, Kyeongoh Kim, Moongyu Kim, Mikyung Kim, Dongseok Bang, Seungseok Baek, Chunkwang Seo, Sunhae An, Lee Wansu, Jindong Lee, Youngoh Jang, Younghwan Jeong, Okrye Jeong, Seonki Cheon, Pyo Troy, Ohdong Han

<By Eugene Lee>

  • If there is a typo in the names, you can feel free to contact via email:
Lee Han-seong Advisory Chairman
The chaiman of board Kim Ki-hwan
Ted Lee, Advisory Committee


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