Cilantro McFlurry? Weired menu items are a thing in Asia

A cilantro sundae or McFlurry is on the menu in McDonald's restaurants in China. McDonald's

McDonald’s for one created a stir on social media over the weekend when it introduced a McFlurry sundae that comes with vanilla ice cream, cilantro flakes and is drizzled with lemon coriander sauce. 

The combo inspired some people to describe it as a “big food crime” on Twitter.

But the herbal sundae, which is available at restaurants in China through Feb. 25, is mild compared to its spicy chili oil sundaes launched in January for a limited time.

In fact, McDonald’s has promised its Chinese customers who are “members” of the chain that each month this year it will unveil a new menu item, according a Mashable report.

In the past, McDonald’s has offered a wasabi filet of fish and a squid ink-dyed, black bun burger in China, according to a US franchisee who did not want to be identified. The fast food giant has also offered taro root pie instead of apple pie, the franchisee added.  

KFC Singapore just brought fried chicken skins back to its menu after a brief launch last year to critical acclaim. “The Goldspice Chicken Skin is pieces of chicken skin tossed in a blend of salted egg, curry leaves and sweet basil seasoning and fried until golden and crispy,” according to food blog, Chew Boom. 

In 2020, McDonald’s China introduced a burger mashup of two Spam slices from Hormel Foods topped with Oreo crumbs mixed with the chain’s classic burger sauce for one day only.

The Spam burgers were described on the company’s China website as “tender and juicy” with a “hint of sweet aftertaste” that is “an unimaginable surprise.”

“In general, quick service concepts seem more willing to roll out some pretty whacky menu items in parts of Asia, because they’ve had success doing it” restaurant analyst Mark Kalinlowski told The Post. 

In July, Domino’s Pizza Japan introduced Crispy Fish and Chipa Pizza that comes with fried fish and potato slices, basil, tartar and tomato sauces and lemon slices. And in 2019 it debuted a bubble tea topped pizza in Taiwan, according to NYPOST.


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