BTS V personally addresses suing a YouTuber


BTS‘s V personally addressed suing a YouTuber who has been spreading malicious rumors of multiple K-pop artists. 

On December 20th KST, a fan posted about a YouTuber who has been spreading malicious rumors of BTSaespaTXTNCTThe Boyz, and more on Weverse. The post faced mixed reactions from other ARMYs, however, V saw the post as well and personally responded with his intent to sue. V wrote in the comments, “Oh?!! I’ll proceed with lawsuits. I could earn some snack money. Mentioning my family and friends👍 Bye~” 

As another fan responded with a new post saying he shouldn’t worry about it, V continued commenting “I just skimmed through and all artists, not just us, do not like people like him. All fans, ARMYs, may or may not have monitored him, but I will sue on behalf of those who got hurt but didn’t have enough courage.”  


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