A virtual AI artist signs with YG

YG Kplus

On February 14, Smilegate announced that its virtual artist, ‘Han Yoo Ah,‘ signed an exclusive contract with YG KPlus. Now, Han Yoo Ah is an artist under YG KPlus and plans to work in various fields such as broadcasting, YouTube, performances, and advertisement. YG KPlus is a professional management company for models and actors and a subsidiary of YG Entertainment.

World-class models such as Bae Yoon Young and Hye Park are under its management. Additionally, the group ATO6, which is an idol group consisting of models, is also active under this label. Han Yoo Ah plans to be established as a representing virtual artist in the metaverse industry. Additionally, a close collaboration with idol groups from YG Entertainment is also expected.

Virtual humans are challenging the music industry and the entertainment industry in partnership with major entertainment companies. After entering the advertising industry with excellent visuals and making a name for themselves, these virtual humans are starting to enter the entertainment industry with the support of entertainment management agencies.


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