Mission Agape Fund raising event at Atlanta Serving Church on the 10th of next month

Mailing a check is also available, from $30 per piece to more

Mission Agape (Chairman James Song) will hold a fundraiser for the ‘Jumper Sharing of Love’ fundraiser on November 10th at 6 pm at the Atlanta Serving Church (Senior pastort Seon-Hong Ahn).

This event, which marks its 9th anniversary this year, is an event to distribute warm jumpers to the homeless in preparation for the cold winter, and sponsors who wish to participate can send an amount equivalent to $30 per jumper or more to Mission Agape.

In addition to fundraising on this day, it can also participate in advance though mailing fundraising. 

To participate by mail, write ‘Mission Agape’ in the recipient’s field and send it to PO Box 653 Duluth GA 30096.

Mission Agape said, “On a cold winter day, a single jumper of love can serve as a blanket for the homeless and save the lives of the homeless.”

The Atlanta Serving Church’s Address: 1724 Atkinson Rd. NW, Lawrenceville GA 30096.

Contact : 770-900-1549 , Email : atlagape@gmail.com

<By Eugene Lee>


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