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[Video] “Sold out!” BTS White House appearance for Anti Asian Hate

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Three times the usual number of reporters in the press room… Reporters are also curious about their photos and videos

As BTS started speaking, the number of concurrent users increased exponentially… Fans cheering outside

On the 31st, an unusual scene was produced in the briefing room of the White House in the United States, where serious and sober questions and answers are usually exchanged.

World-class K-pop star BTS, President Joe Biden to discuss ‘Anti Asian Hate Crime Response Plan’ on the last day of ‘AANHPI Heritage Month’ in the US It was a ‘surprise visit’ to the press room before the interview.

When BTS opened the press room door with spokesperson Karine Jean-Pierre and appeared with a slightly tense expression, the reporters did not react much and the atmosphere was calmer than expected.

However, as the BTS members began to speak one by one, most reporters all at once took out their cell phones and took pictures or videotaped them. Some reporters immediately posted it on their social media.Photographers and camera reporters placed behind the briefing room shouted “Phone Down, Phone Down” one after another.

It was an urgent appeal to put down the cell phone as it interfered with the filming composition.

However, many of them showed great interest in the world-famous stars who continued to bring their cell phones to the press room, ignoring these demands.

On that day, the press room was literally full with no space to walk.

After most of the reserved seats were filled, about 100 reporters from Korea and Japan as well as other foreign media stood around the seats and waited for BTS to enter.

There are 49 seats in the White House briefing room, 7 rows by 7 rows.

Considering that reporters usually gather around this seat, it means that about three times as many reporters are gathered on this day.

A White House official asked for cooperation that the entrance and exit aisles should always be left empty for people to pass through, but it was not properly observed due to the large number of people.

Former President Trump often visits the briefing room and talks with reporters for close to two hours at lengthy questions and answers, so the reporters often form a tantrum.

A videographer said, “I’ve never seen a briefing room so crowded.”

It was not only the press room that was unusual. The White House broadcasts the briefing live on its YouTube channel, but the number of concurrent users exceeded 300,000 at one time as BTS fans flocked to it.

At 2:20 pm, before the briefing began, the number exceeded 90,000, and by 30 minutes, the predicted time, it surpassed 170,000.

Eventually, at 2:37 pm, when BTS came to the briefing room later than originally planned and started speaking, the number of simultaneous users increased exponentially, exceeding 300,000.

A White House reporter made a surprising expression, saying, “I didn’t expect so many people to log in.” Some even said that they did not know whether it was breaking the record of concurrent concurrent users at the White House.

After the BTS turn, when Brian Deese, chairman of the National Economic Committee (NEC) of the White House, which was the next briefing turn, grabbed the microphone, reporters began to leave their seats one by one, and the number of simultaneous users decreased sharply.

Chairman Deese smiled shyly and joked, “I should go home today and tell the children that BTS did the opening for my briefing.”

A reporter saw the scene in the press room before BTS appeared and joked, “Did Chairman Deese become this popular?”

Even outside the White House, more than 200 BTS fans gathered and cheered passionately while shouting BTS with an iron fence in between. He was also seen wearing a purple mask and bandana, the symbol of BTS.

Fan Khazar Bergei said, “BTS deals with racism through music every day and helps to actively convey the message. “It’s something other artists don’t do well,” he said. “BTS is sending a message to spread love and unity through music.”

Anu Bisworth said, “It’s amazing that we can all be together through music. BTS brings more love to all of us.”

BTS in a neat black suit stayed in the briefing room for about 6 minutes. Except for the leader RM, the remaining six members took turns in Korean, one by one, emphasizing the eradication of hate crimes in Asia. Of course, English translation continued after the remarks were finished.

An official from Hive, BTS’ agency, said, “I’m Korean, so I spoke in Korean.” “There was no request from the White House.”

After the prepared remarks were finished, BTS left the briefing room without answering questions such as ‘Why did you come to the White House’ and ‘Why are you wearing a black suit?’

It is known that BTS toured the White House before meeting President Biden and filmed a related video.

BTS, who arrived in the US on the 29th, will finish their short trip to the US and return home on the 1st of June.

<from Yunhap coverage, translated by Eugene Lee>


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