[Photo] Atlanta’s 2nd ‘Statue of Peace’ erected at the Korean Community Center

On March 1, 2023, an unveiling ceremony was held at the Atlanta Korean Community Center for the 2nd Peace Statue in Atlanta. (From left in the front row) Sarah Park, Gwinnett County Community Coordinator, Vice Chairman Cookie Lee, (Back row, from left) Composers Eugene Lee, Oh-seok Kwon, Moses Yun, Roger Kim(Chairman), Ted Lee, Soo-kyung Kim, Kun Park commissioner/Korean News Atlanta

An unveiling ceremony was held prior to the 3.1 ceremony, “Establishing itself as a symbol of women’s human rights”

“Let us all remember! .. History should be known to our future generations.”

The second Statue of Peace in Atlanta, Georgia, was opened to the public on March 1 at the Atlanta Korean Community Center in celebration of The March 1st Independence Movement Day.

On a clear spring day, the opening ceremony prepared by the Atlanta Statue of Peace Establishment Committee (Chairman Roger Kim) was attended by Democratic Party floor leader Sam Park, Georgia State Representative Pedro Marin, and other members of the mainstream American society, and Simon Lee, president of the Korean American Association; Erci Kim, president of the Peaceful Unification Advisory Council of Atlanta; Yeo Bong-hyun, Southeastern Vietnam Veteran Association. The event was moderated by Sarah Park, the Gwinnett County Communications connection, with the participation of Korean community members, such as volunteers of second-generation Koreans who matched their colors with yellow T-shirts, and their parents.

To commemorate the unveiling of the 2nd Statue of Peace , “Tears of a Girl,” written by Shinbum Kang, the former Korean vice president, and composed by Eugene Lee, artistic director of the New Atlanta Philharmonic, resounded in the unveiling ceremony with the voice of soprano Christine Jeong.

One of the attendees commented on the day, “As in the lyrics of this song, ‘Let’s all remember this so that this sad history will not repeat itself again’, it is a truly painful history, but I thought I should remember it and tell the right history to future generations.”

Chairman Roger Kim said, “The second statue was made with a donation of $50,000 from the late David Flint, a long-time pacient of Dr. Kelly Ahn, a specialist on the building committee. He said he hope it will be an opportunity”.

Simon Lee, head of the Korean Association, said, “The reason for setting up the statue of Peace at the Korean Center is to teach the next generation about the painful history of our country and convey the importance of peace through the tragedy of war.” It was passed through legal procedures such as public hearings, and resolutions at the general meeting, and it was eventually proved that the majority of Koreans were in favor.”

Sam Park, floor leader of the Democratic Party, emphasized that “Prostitution against women must be eliminated not only in the United States but also around the world,” and added, “In the future, whenever I pass by a Korean community center and see a statue of Peace, I will be reminded of the pain and tragedy of war.”

State Rep. Pedro Marin emphasized that “The establishment of the statue of Peace at the Korean Community Center is a historic event”. And he said “March is Women’s History Month in Georgia, and with the unveiling ceremony of the girl statue representing women’s rights, Georgia politicians also We will take the lead in combating human trafficking and sexual violence that violate human rights.”

Meanwhile, unlike the first statue of Peace in Atlanta, which was installed in Blackburn Park in Brookhaven in 2017, the second statue was originally supposed to be unveiled on August 15, last year, which was Liberation Day, but Installation has been delayed since it had opposits. ( Links to related articles in this magazine)

After a public hearing on November 26 last year and a general meeting on December 19, the Korean Association of Atlanta confirmed the establishment with the consent of the majority of Koreans in attendance.

Established in 2017, the Committee for the Establishment of the Statue of Peace in Atlanta is chaired by Roger Kim, Vice-chairman Cookie Lee , and members Moses Yun, Kun Park, Kwon Oh-seok, Choi Joo-hwan, Ted Lee, and Kim Soo-kyung.

<By Eugene Lee>

Members of the Committee for the Establishment of the Statue of Peace in Atlanta/Korean News Atlanta

YouTube Video: Tears of a Girl


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