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Watch “Kim’s Convenience” at the Aurora Theatre now


The poster of Kim’s Convenience

Until February 19th.. Melted the life of immigrants, Netflix topical work

$5 discount with entering ‘Natalie’ on buying a ticket

In-depth lines, realistic acting made it well done! Laughter, tears, and emotion continued

Netflix’s topical series ‘Kim’s Convenience’, which opened yesterday (19th), will be held at the Aurora Theatre in Lawrenceville until February 19th. This play is self-planned by Aurora Theatre, which recently has renovated.

It is played in English and has Korean subtitles.

In an interview with Global Nrews Today on the 20th, a board director Natalie Cho, who is the first Korean boardmember of Aurora Theater, said, “This play is a must-see play that conveys the tears and laughter of immigrants.”

Ms. Cho introduced, “Every scene, including the main character Kim and the stories and conflicts of Asian immigrants, is a dominoes of being moved” and said, “Through this play, it will be a great help to understand different cultures.”

The plot is like this.
The protagonist, a Korean immigrant, planned a better life and legacy in Toronto. When he eceives an unexpected offer for a shop in an up-and-coming neighborhood, he has to make a difficult decision: take his money and give it to the developers who closed the church his wife loves, or convince his daughter to follow in his footsteps.

In this process, the main character Kim calmly tells the stories of her family and neighbors through the process of finding a moment-to-moment solution in a series of conflicts experiencing the demands of customers and strong-willed families.

Actors from various cultures, such as Korean, Chinines, Japanese, Lantinos, and American, the father’s heart, the decision of an immigrant woman as a wife and mother, and the daughter’s growth process, which conflicts with her father but eventually understands the whole family The in-depth lines and mature acting skills of the actors vividly capture the things that immigrant Korean families experience at least once, just like the story of our own family. (link of cast and creative)

The play became an award-winning hit series on Netflix. The original is a Canadian television sitcom that aired on CBC Television from October 2016 to April 2021. It is a family of a Korean-Canadian Mr. Kim who runs a convenience store in Moss Park, Toronto. The story develops with the daughter’s friends and others appearing.
The second season premiered on September 26, 2017. In July 2018, the series debuted internationally on Netflix, making it available outside of Canada.
The third season premiered on January 8, 2019 and the fourth season premiered on January 7, 2020.

In the performance at the Aurora Theater, Korean actor James Lee and others were double-casted with a Japanese actor, and a Chinese actor appeared as a mother, speaking English and talking about the life of Korean immigrants. (a link to view actor profile)

Natalie Cho, a director of the Aurora Theater, urged Korean audiences to watch, saying, “If you write my name ‘Natalie’ in the promotional code on buying a ticket, you can get a $5 discount.” ( link to buy tickets)

<By Eugene Lee>

The inspector applied swimming pool permit regulations to Korean-style spa/sauna.


All Korean-run saunas and bathhouses have pool permits.. No public bath permit codes are applied to the authorities.

Emergency phone life tubes and no diving signs should be hung next to public baths.

Gimbap and more Not enough to bridge the gap in cultural understanding despite the Korean Wave craze

It has been confirmed that saunas run by Koreans have obtained swimming pool permits for public baths.

The reason why bathtubs in public sauna received swimming pool permits was that county inspecters were ignorant of Korean bathing culture, so they applied a pool permit rules most similar to a bathtub.

Doraville’s ‘Roman Holiday’, which recently received a temporary sauna permit, received a swimming pool permit from Dekalb County for the use of public sauna.

Ms. Hur, the owner of Roman Holliday, said in December of last year, “I followed the requests from Dekalb County, but it is absurd that the swimming pool use permit was applied.”

 The requirements of Dekalb County were to install a wired emergency phone near the bathtub in case of an emergency, to place a No-Diving sign and life-saving tube, and to deploy safety guard.

Regarding this, Ms. Hur said, “I did everything they was told. When I finished it, it was a bit strange. Moreover, we need to find a safety guard… It was a really difficult problem,” she said.

As a result of checking the permits of nearby saunas by the Global News Today, all of them had swimming pool permits, and there were life-saving tubes around the bathtubs.

The Korean owner of another sauna said, “Isn’t there a way? There are no specific regulations for public baths in the county, so it seems that the inspectors are asking for it because they think it is similar to a swimming pool. There was nothing else to discuss,” he said.

In the end, the owners thought it was strange, but they got all the saunas with swimming pool permits.

Dekalb County and Gwinnett County did not have specific regulations for permitting Korean-style sauna with public bathtubs.

Since there is no corresponding code, the inspectors in charge also followed the swimming pool permit standard, which focuses on safety and drainage.

Moreover, in the case of Roman Holiday, one more item was added.

Concerned about safety issues, it was a requirement to make a lid on the bathtub.

Ms. Hur said, “The authorities are asking for it, so there is nothing we can do… I finally put the lid on. Even explaining it was reckless.”

Eventually, after installing a lid on the bathtub, a temporary permit was issued for the sauna.

In the early 2000s, in Gwinnett County, Korean marts and restaurants were banned from selling Gimbap and rice cakes.

The reason an inspector from the County Food and Health Department revealed was that storage at room temperature lowers freshness, so either improve freshness preservation methods such as freezing, or make and sell whenever an order comes in, rather than making it in advance.

In the end, it took quite a bit of time to get permission to sell rice cakes and Gimbap.

K-pop, K-food, and kimchi are widely known due to the recent Korean culture (Hanryu or hallyu) craze blowing around the world, but the level of understanding of Korean culture is very low.

Korean bathing culture is one of them.

In the end, it is a matter of public awareness, but at least a process of explaining it one-to-one to related public inspectors is necessary, and it needs the business owner’s English proficiency in the field to prevcent to being a possibility of misunderstandings in the process of explaining.

For this reason, it is necessary for Koreans to advance to state legislators, city council members, and county commissioners who make laws.

The video below is a video of the famous American talk show host Conan O’Brien and ‘Minari’ main character Steven Yeon’s Korean style sauna called ‘Jjimjilbang’ experience.

If the related inspectors, authorities and American neighbors watch this video, they will easily understand the bathing culture, one of the living cultures of Korean, and it can be a tool to narrow the cultural understanding gap. Let’s spread it to our American acquaintances.

<By Eugene Lee>

Continued in the next issue.

Actor Song Joong-ki, dating a British woman “in a good meeting”


Actor Song Joong-ki is in a relationship. The dating partner was reported to be a British woman.

On the 26th, Song Joong-ki’s agency, Hijieum Studio, said, “Song Joong-ki continues to meet a woman with good feelings.But please understand that we cannot confirm information other than the fact that they are dating.”

Previously, Sports Chosun reported on the same day that Song Joong-ki was in a relationship with a British woman whose job had nothing to do with the entertainment industry.

Song Joong-ki debuted in the entertainment industry in 2008 with the movie ‘Ssanghwajeom’. Afterwards, he took on his first leading role in the drama ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’ (2010) and made a mark on the public with his unique good and soft image.

Then, he enjoyed his heyday with the drama ‘The Innocent Man’ (2012) and the movie ‘A wolf Boy’ (2012), and he enjoyed his second heyday with ‘Descendants of the Sun’ (2016), a comeback after military service. That’s right.

He held a ceremony with actor Song Hye-kyo, who he worked with in ‘Descendants of the Sun’, in October 2017, receiving worldwide attention, but was broken after about 1 year and 9 months.

Afterwards, Song Joong-ki, who made a box office success with the drama ‘Vincenzo’ (2021), became a hot topic again by playing a leading role in the JTBC drama ‘The youngest son of a conglomerate’, which ended in popularity on the 25th.

The movie ‘Hwaran’ (director Kim Chang-hoon), in which he starred, is also about to be released after recently filming. 

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Senior Association year-end party held


Chairman Na Sang-ho “Let’s all be healthy in the New Year”

The Korean Seniors Association of Atlanta (Chairman Na Sang-ho) held a regular general meeting and year-end party in the small meeting room of the Atlanta Korean Center on the morning of the 22nd.

The General meeting on this day was simple and clarity as it is a gathering of seniors who have accumulated many experiences in life. And it was carried out in an instant.

Senior Chairman Na Sang-ho said, “It’s a pity that many people couldn’t attend because the weather was very cold.”

Consul General of Atlanta Yoonjoo Park said, “Thank you for inviting me to the year-end party. I express my respect to President Na, who always serves,” and congratulatory remarks, saying, “I hope that the Korean community will be full of love and harmony through the advice and criticism of the elderly who have contributed to the development of the Korean community in Atlanta in the United States, the land of opportunity.”

Simon Lee, president of the Korean Association of Atlanta, said, “I love and respect you who have created the Korean community in Atlanta.”

At the year-end party, entertainment by the saxophone club, singing contest, and raffle prizes were also provided.

One Korean who attended the event praised, saying, “They are definitely experienced in many events, so there is no hindrance to the event and it is even powerful.”

In fact, the general assembly event on this day was completed in just 10 minutes from the singing of the national anthem to the declaration of closing, and went back to entertainment with lunch.

Chairman Na Sang-ho(Over 90’s yr), who served as the chairman of the Korean Grossery Association, took office as the 25th chairman in 2010 and served seven consecutive terms, setting a record as the senior chairman for 14 years.

<By Eugene Lee>

Chairman Na Sang-ho [Global News Today]
Consul General of Atlanta Yoonjoo Park [Global News Today]

Summon Lee Jae-myung D-2…


On the 26th, two days before the day when the prosecution notified the Democratic Party representative Lee Jae-myung to respond to the summons investigation in connection with the suspicion of ‘Sungnam FC donation’, the Democratic Party’s internal opinion seems to be divided over whether to attend the prosecution.

Negative opinions prevailed among the ‘pro-Lee Jae-myeong’ (pro-name) faction that they could not respond to the prosecution’s investigation for oppression of the opposition party, while the ‘non-Lee Jae-myung’ (scream) faction pointed out that the risk to the party should be reduced by proudly going to the investigation did.

Representative Lee is known to have discussed this issue with the leadership and former lawmakers on this day as well.

So far, it seems likely that he will not comply with the summons investigation on the 28th.

Representative Lee’s side claims that it is physically impossible to attend on the day suggested by the prosecution.

Representative Lee said in a phone call, “There is a plenary session of the National Assembly on the 28th, and a visit to Gwangju is scheduled.”

He then openly expressed his dissatisfaction with the prosecution, saying, “The fact that he unilaterally notified the date even though he knew that it would be difficult for him to attend was Lee’s intention to ‘frame’ him to refuse to comply with the investigation.”

In addition to the existing argument that the investigation targeting Lee was biased and unfair, key party members launched a massive counterattack against the prosecution that day.

Rep. Park Beom-gye said on SBS Radio’s ‘Kim Tae-hyun’s Political Show’ that the  investigation into the suspicion of ‘Deutsch Motors stock price manipulation’ by Mrs. Kim Gun-hee, wife of President Yoon Seok-yeol, was relatively insufficient, saying, “The prosecution of the Lee Myung-bak and Park Geun-hye governments pretended to, but this government is not like that.” criticized.

Floor leader Park Hong-geun added to the counterattack at the Supreme Council meeting, saying, “If Prosecutor Yoon Seok-yeol’s ‘seeking living power’ continues, the special prosecutor will have no choice but to reveal the truth clearly.”

On the other hand, the non- Lee’s sides urged Lee to respond to the investigation.

Regarding the party’s prosecution dictatorship and political suppression countermeasures committee, which criticized the people’s power as’coordinate taking’ in a statement on the day, “When political prosecutors announce their achievements, names and photos are information to be widely disclosed, and they are in trouble with a’fabricated investigation’. He refuted, saying, “Is it ‘taking the coordinates’ that should not be disclosed when crowded?”

At the same time, he raised his voice, saying, “To guarantee the basic rights of the people, more information related to prosecutors must be disclosed.”

However, he emphasized that he “expresses regret” for the fact that a picture of a prosecutor disclosed by Park was erroneously inserted and circulated online, but emphasized that “we will disclose the information of prosecutors more carefully in the future.” <Yunap>

Forestella comes in Atlanta!


February 5 next year, Woodruff Arts Center… 

Introducing the crossover of a magnificent and sweet male quartet

A four-member male crossover group from Korea, ‘Forestella (Bae Doo Hoon, Kang Hyung Ho, Cho Min Kyu and Ko Woo Rim)’ will hold a concert at the Woodruff Arts Center in Downtown on February 5th, 2023. 

In this regard, the Atlanta Korean Association (Chairman Simon Lee) and performance officials held a press conference at the Atlanta Korean Center on the morning of the 22nd and said, “The performance will be held at the Atlanta Symphony Hall at the Woodruff Arts Center in Atlanta at 6:00 pm on February 5, 2023”

This performance is hosted by the Korean Association of Atlanta, hosted by the Georgia Atlanta Beauty Supply Association (Chairman Lee Gang Ha) , and Y&Y Entertainment (CEO Lee Mi-ae) took charge of the overall process.

Simon Lee asked Koreans to attend, saying, “I hope this concert will give comfort and hope to our compatriots.”

Lee Gang Ha, chairman of the Georgia Atlanta Beauty Supply Association, said, “I think it’s an opportunity to raise the status of the Atlanta Korean community through this performance.”

Lee Mi-ae, CEO of Y&Y Entertainment, said, “I am happy to have a good performance in Atlanta,” and added, “Come to see! it will be a wonderful performance that you will not regret.”

The members of Forestella, who made their debut by winning the JTBC “Fandom Singer Season 2” championship, are Bae Doo Hoon, Kang Hyung Ho, Cho Min Kyu and Ko Woo Rim showing sweet music with excellent singing skills and beautiful harmony, crossing genres such as classical and popular songs.

In particular, Go Woo Rim, who garnered attention for his marriage to Yuna Kim, takes on the lowest pitch in Forestella and produces a profound tone. He is a graduate of the Department of Vocal Music at Seoul National University,one of the finest college in Korea.

Tickets are $230 for VVIP, $180 for VIP, $160 for A, $130 for B, and $115 for C.

Details of the performance  can be found at www.forestella.us  .

In addition, tickets will be sold at the sponsors Super H Mart Duluth, Johns Creek, and Suwanee branches, and will be sold through the online ticket master from January 9 next year. .

From January 20 to February 5 next year, Forestella will hold a tour concert called ‘Forestella N.AMERICA TOUR’ in five cities, USA including Atlanta.

CONTACT) 404-997-3348

<By Eugene Lee>

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BLACKPINK’s ‘How You Like That’ choreography video has 1.3 billion views


Most Viewed K-Pop Choreography Videos

YG Entertainment announced on the 23rd that the number of views on YouTube for the choreography video of girl group BLACKPINK’s “How You Like That” has exceeded 1.3 billion.

The video surpassed 1.3 billion views at 7:30 am on the same day.This is the first time in about 2 years and 6 months since its release in July 2020, and it is the first and highest number of views in K-pop as a choreography video.

“How You Like That” is a song with a message to not give in and take flight in any situation, and won “Song of The Summer” at the 2020 MTV Video Music Awards in the US.It also rose to No. 1 on YouTube’s ‘Global Top Summer Song’.

It also achieved success in the global market, ranking 33rd on the US Billboard’s main single chart ‘Hot 100’.

According to Yunhap News in Korea, With this, BLACKPINK has 4 of the 37 YouTube videos with over 1.3 billion views, including this video.

BLACKPINK is conducting the largest world tour ever for a K-pop girl group, attracting 1.5 million viewers in 14 cities in North America and Europe.Following North America and Europe, from next year, we will meet fans from Asia and Oceania.

Where is Warming shelters?


across Metro Atlanta, North Ga.


(ATLANTA) In a response to Gov. Kemp’s state of emergency declaration, several warming centers are opening their doors in anticipation of the freezing conditions. 

according to 11Alive, there is a list of warming centers that will be open this holiday weekend.

Gwinnett County

The below map pointed the warm shelters.

Fulton County

The City of Fairburn listed nearby shelters in Union City and East Point

  • Etris-Darnell Senior Community Center (The Gathering Place) at 5285 Lakeside Drive Union City, GA 3291
  • East Point Fire Station #3 at 3800 N Commerce Dr. Atlanta, GA 30349
  • East Point Fire Station #4 at 2222 Ben Hill Rd. Atlanta, GA 30344
  • East Point Fire Station #2 at 3171 Norman Berry Dr. East Point, GA 30344

The shelters will be open “during the week/weekends frigid temperatures,” according to a Facebook post from the City of Fairburn

Clayton County 

Sequoyah Middle School at 95 Valley Hill Rd in Riverdale, Ga. The warming station will be available at noon Friday, Dec. 23 until Monday, Dec. 26 at noon.

Cobb County

  • MUST Ministries’ Hope House at 1297 Bells Ferry Road in Marietta, Ga. The shelter will be open until Dec. 26 starting at 8 p.m., according to a Facebook post from the Cobb County Government
  • Red Top Mountain will be open Thursday, Dec. 22 and close Friday, Dec. 23. The site will reopen Saturday, Dec. 24 and remain open until Monday, Dec. 26. Red Top Mountain is at 50 Lodge Rd. SE, Acworth, GA 30102. 

North Georgia

Butts County

Indian Springs will have a warming shelter at Idlewilde Event Center Thursday, Dec. 22 and Friday, Dec. 23. Indian Springs is at 678 Lake Clark Rd., Flovilla, GA 30216. 

Douglas County

  • Sweetwater Creek will be open from Thursday, Dec. 22 until Monday, Dec. 26. Sweetwater Creek is at 1750 Mt Vernon Rd., Lithia Springs, GA 30122. 
  • First United Methodist Church will open from 6 p.m. until 10 a.m. from Thursday through Sunday. It’s located at 6167 Prestley Mill Rd in Douglasville.

Paulding County

Pickett’s Mill Battlefield will be open from Thursday, Dec. 22 until Monday, Dec. 26. Pickett’s Field Battlefield is at 4432 Mt Tabor Church Rd., Dallas, GA 30157.

Morgan County

Hard Labor Creek will be open Thursday, Dec. 22 and Friday, Dec. 23. Hard Labor Creek is at 5 Hard Labor Creek Rd., Rutledge, GA 30663. 

Barrow County

Fort Yargo will be open from Thursday, Dec. 22 until Monday, Dec. 26. Fort Yargo is at 210 S Broad St., Winder, GA 30680.

Cherokee County 

Warming station in Woodstock (Friday through Monday)

A warming station will be open starting Friday, Dec. 23 from noon until Monday, Dec. 26 at 9 a.m. The shelter is at 103 Towne Lake Parkway, Woodstock, GA 30188, according to a Facebook post from the Woodstock Police Department

Dawson County

A temporary weather shelter will be open at Rock Creek Park Gym. The gym is at 445 Martin Road in Dawsonville, GA. The shelter will be open starting Thursday, Dec. 22 and close Sunday, Dec. 25, according to a Facebook post from the Dawson County Fire and Emergency Services

Gordon County

There will be a warming center at Grace Church at 401 Peters St. in Calhoun, GA. It will be open Thursday, Dec. 22 and Friday, 23. at 6 p.m., according to a Facebook post from the Gordon County Emergency Management Agency.  <11Alive>

Establishment in Korean Community Center for statue of peace will be approved at general meeting


“Amid twists and turns, the controversy will end with the approval of the general meeting on the 29th”

The second Statue of Peace, which was scheduled to be installed at the Korean Community Center in Atlanta, will be approved at the general meeting of the Korean Association on the 29th.

Chairman Simon Lee of the Korean Association said, “It has already been passed by the board of directors, but some former Korean presidents have objections and opinions that make the procedure an issue. It will be approved at the General meeting finally”.

Regarding the approval at the general meeting, he said, “It will be conducted by a vote for approval, not a vote for and against.”

The installation of the 2nd Statue of Peace in the Korean Center in Atlanta, which was scheduled to be unveiled at the 8.15 Korean Liberation Day celebration after passing the board of directors last July, has been fought and defended through the media with 5 former presidents of the Korean Association expressing opposition.

At the time, this conflict was reported by major Korean media outlets, including Yonhap News, and were criticized.

Upon hearing the news of the approval of the General meeting, a former official from the Korean Association welcomed it, saying, “We went through procedures such as public hearings, and once the approval process is received, it will be difficult to reverse the decision even if there are objections.”

Currently, the second Statue of Peace is sitting there after being temporarily unveiled at the Korean Community Center during the Korean Festival last September.

<By Eugene Lee>

PNC Bank closes 30 locations including Montgomery


PNC Bank closes 30 unprofitable branches nationwide

Branches in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Eight Mile will also close in March

(Montgomery) PNC Bank is closing nearly 30 branches across the state, including the Montgomery branch, local news outlet WSFA12 reported on the 17th.

According to federal regulatory documents, the Pennsylvania-based financial institution will close its branch at Interstate 5375 in Atlanta on March 17. The point is between two other PNC points within a 3-mile radius.

“PNC recognizes that each branch continues to play a vital role for its clients when conducting specific transactions and having important face-to-face financial conversations with banking professionals,” said a PNC spokesperson. That’s why we regularly evaluate it,” he said.

“We are in charge of banking to determine if we are meeting the needs of our customers most effectively.”

PNC will also close branches in Birmingham, Tuscaloosa and Eight Mile in March.

<By Eugene Lee>