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SK Battery announces IT facility in Roswell


200 new jobs created, $19million invested

Another project with Hyundai Motor to built a new plant in Cartersville 

A South Korean electric vehicle manufacturer with plants in Georgia plans to open a regional IT hub in metro Atlanta, according to Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp’s office.

SK Battery America will invest $19 million and create about 200 technology jobs in the coming years. The company already has a lithium-ion battery plant in Jackson County.

Officials said the IT center will be at 1110 Sanctuary Parkway in Roswell. Operations are expected to commence in January. 

The company is looking for IT expert candidates in battery manufacturing execution system development and operations. It’s also looking for data analysts.

“We decided to open our IT regional center in Roswell to strengthen SK’s position as a leader in the battery industry, and it will help us build and operate an advanced manufacturing system in accordance with further expansion of battery production bases in the United States,” SK Battery Head of Information Technology Jason Choi said. “We are excited to expand our presence and engage with the community and surrounding region.”

Hyundai Motor Group and SK Battery announced in December a joint investment of $4 billion to $5 billion to build a new plant northwest of Atlanta in Cartersville that would supply batteries for Hyundai and Kia electric vehicles assembled in the United States. 

SK Battery’s $2.6 billion plant in Commerce produces batteries for Ford F-150 Lightning and Volkswagen ID.4 models.

The company was in the midst of a trade dispute in 2021 but has since settled a lawsuit. SK pushed for President Joe Biden to reverse a decision that punished SK over allegations it stole trade secrets from LG Innovations. 

One topic of Kemp’s State of the State address focused on his administration’s “pro-business” approach to governing in his second term. 

“This innovative company continues to bring the jobs of the future that will benefit hardworking Georgians in manufacturing, and now it will also tap into the tech talent our top-ranking universities provide,” Kemp said. [AP] 

JPD actively engaged in connecting with the local community becoming a hot topic.


‘Faith & Blue Community Expo’ held at Johns Creek Korean Church

The Johns Creek Police Department (JPD) is actively engaged in connecting with the local community, and it is becoming a hot topic.

On the afternoon of the 20th, at the ‘Faith & Blue Community Expo’ event organized by the Johns Creek Korean Church (Pastor Lee Kyung-won), a time to share various information such as suicide prevention, the newly established hotline 988, drug prevention, and addiction treatment was held.

The event, which began with an opening prayer by Pastor John Lee, a youth group pastor, introduced the police’s activities and cooperation with the community.

JPD also gave lectures to residents about CORT Department (Clinician Officer Response Team), CRASE (Civil Response to Active Attack Events), Mental Health and Suicide Prevention.

On this day, the JPD also held a police changing ceremony at the main gate of the church, which is the site of the event.

Meanwhile, Chef-jang, a Korean catering company, and Atlanta Arirang Lions Club (Chairman Jang Young-oh) provided dinner boxes for 30 officers, and the church mission office expressed their gratitude with 30 Starbucks gift certificates.

<By Eugene Lee>


Johns Creek Police Department Chief Paul J. Mitchell
Valunreers for Faith & Blue Community Expo (Clayton Lee, board member of Georgia Advocates For Crime Prevention; the 3d from Right side)

FKASE held an advisory committee appointment ceremony


Appointment of 20 advisory committee members including Chairman Lee Han-seong and Ted Lee

The Federation of Korean Association, S.E.U.S.A. held an advisory committee (Andrew Hong, Chairman) appointment ceremony of an advisory committee member on the 20th. 

At the event held at 1818 Club in Duluth, with the MC of the vice president Baek Hyun-mi , 20 advisory committee members, including advisory chairman Lee Han-seong and advisory vice chairman Judy Kim, were appointed and the certificates of appointment were delivered.

Andrew Hong, president of the association, said, “We plan to appoint more people so that the advisory committee can become a practical organization.” requested their cooperation.

Advisory Chairman Lee Han-seong said, “I will try to make FKASE, which I have been involved in for 30 years, succeed,” and Vice Chairman Judy Kim said, “I hope that the golf tournament on March 26 and the Southeastern Olympic on June 9 are successfully held. The advisory committee will make every effort to do so.”

The chaiman of board Kim Ki-hwan emphasized, “If the 30th advisory members of assocaiation and gather their strength, we can handle anything.”

In addition, congratulatory remarks were delivered by Simon Lee, president of the Korean Association; Sun Park , president of the Atlanta Georgia Korean Chamber of Commerce, and Chang Gyeong-seop, president of the Southern Branch of the Korean Veterans Association.

FKASE was established 41 years ago. it is an association of 27 regional Korean associations belonging to five states, including North Carolina, Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia.

The following is the advisory committee members.

  • Advisory Chairman = Lee Han-seong
  • Vice Chairman = Judy Kim
  • Secretary = Shinbeom Kang
  • Members = Ted Lee, Kyeongoh Kim, Moongyu Kim, Mikyung Kim, Dongseok Bang, Seungseok Baek, Chunkwang Seo, Sunhae An, Lee Wansu, Jindong Lee, Youngoh Jang, Younghwan Jeong, Okrye Jeong, Seonki Cheon, Pyo Troy, Ohdong Han

<By Eugene Lee>

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Lee Han-seong Advisory Chairman
The chaiman of board Kim Ki-hwan
Ted Lee, Advisory Committee

S.Korea “Extends restrictions on short-term visa issuance to China until the end of next month”


“The possibility of re-proliferation through an increase in prevalence after the Chinese New Year and inflow from abroad cannot be ruled out”

The South Korean government has decided to extend the restriction on short-term visa issuance to China, originally scheduled until the end of this month, until next month.

On the 27th, the Central Disaster and Safety Countermeasure Headquarters (Critical Response Headquarters) said, “We have decided to extend the restriction on short-term visa issuance to China until February 28. However, if the situation improves even before then, visa issuance will be resumed. scheduled,” he said.

In order to minimize the impact of the worsening COVID-19 situation in China on Korea, the Korean government has not issued short-term visas at diplomatic missions in China since the 2nd, except for purposes such as diplomatic and official affairs, essential business operations, and humanitarian reasons.

When announcing these measures at the end of last month, it was explained that the limitation period was up to the 31st, but the issuance limitation period could be extended depending on the situation in the future.

In response, China also announced on the 10th that it would stop issuing short-term visas to Korean nationals.

Regarding the background of the extension of the measures on this day, the script explained, “The domestic quarantine conditions are improving, but the possibility of re-proliferation through overseas inflow, such as an increase in epidemics after the Lunar New Year holiday, cannot be completely ruled out.”

According to the quarantine authorities, out of 1,404 confirmed cases imported from abroad in the last two weeks, 890 cases came from China.

The cumulative positive rate of short-term foreigners since the last 2 days, when PCR testing for all arrivals from China began, was 10.4% (728 out of 6,977 confirmed).

“We will continue to closely monitor the situation and do our best to stably manage domestic quarantine conditions,” the script said.

In addition to suspending short-term visa issuance as a countermeasure against the Chinese epidemic, the government is implementing measures such as conducting pre-entry inspections for entrants from China and suspending increased flights.

All passengers boarding flights departing from China, Hong Kong, and Macao to Korea must submit a confirmation letter certifying that they have a negative PCR (genetic amplification) test within 48 hours or a rapid expert antigen test (RAT) within 24 hours, and all entrants For those who enter the country, they are required to undergo a PCR test after entering the country, and this measure will be implemented by the end of next month. [yunhap news]

[Word in Bible] 1 Thessalonians 5:18


give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus. _1 Thessalonians 5:18,NIV

[Video] BLACKPINK with Korean traditional musical instrument ‘Venom’



BLACKPINK’s ‘Venom’ stands out with the whole Korean traditional instrument

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I talk that talk Runways I walk walk close your eyes pop pop pretend not to see

One by one then Two by two I’m crumbling at the touch of my fingertips It was gorgeous for a fake show

Makes no sense You couldn’t get a dollar outta me Now tonight, I’m a poisonous flower After stealing your soul

Look what you made us do, the fire that will slowly put you to sleep, beautiful enough to be cruel

I bring the pain like This that pink venom This that pink venom This that pink venom

Get ’em, get ’em, get ’em S

straight to ya dome like whoa whoa whoa Straight to ya dome like ah ah ah

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we got bodies on bodies like this a slow dance, it’s tonight, I’m a poisonous flower

Look what you made us do, the fire that will slowly put you to sleep, beautiful enough to be cruel

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La tatata La tatata La tatata La tatata La tatata La tatata I bring the pain like

Kemp extends state of emergency over Atlanta riots


From the 26th to February 9th, 1,000 National Guard troops were deployed

A state of emergency was declared across the state in preparation for riots.

Governor Brian Kemp announced that he would declare a state of emergency throughout the state of Georgia until the 9th of next month, considering the riots in downtown Atlanta on the 26th (Thursday) as terrorism.

Up to 1,000 members of the National Guard will be deployed to the state to respond to the armed protests.

Atlanta police were shot and injured while dispersing protesters in downtown Atlanta on the evening of the 21st (Sat).

CNN reported that environmental protesters, who refer to Atlanta as “the city of police officers,” gathered from 25 areas and camped near the protest site to oppose the construction of a police training center that the city is building.

Police have released charges against six people arrested in downtown Atlanta, each facing four felony charges: domestic terrorism, first-degree arson, second-degree criminal damage and interference with government property.

Police said the suspects, between the ages of 20 and 37, were each also charged with four misdemeanors, including unlawful assembly.

According to police, only one of the six protesters arrested was from Georgia, while the others were from Tennessee, Washington, Maine and Michigan.

<By Eugene Lee>

Shooting at Louisiana nightclub that wounded 12 was ‘targeted attack’


NBC news reported 23rd,Modany; Authorities say a mass shooting at a nightclub in Baton Rouge that wounded at least 12 people is being investigated as a “targeted attack”. Police say at least three of the victims sustained life-threatening injuries.

watch video: https://www.nbcnews.com/video/baton-rouge-nightclub-shooting-leaves-12-wounded-161216581814

Luanr New Year in deadly shooting 10 death and 10 injured


Ten people were killed and at least 10 others injured in the attack, which was carried out as people gathered for a Lunar New Year festival in Monterey Park, California.

Authorities found evidence linking the suspect to both the Monterey Park shooting and another incident in the nearby city of Alhambra.

President Joe Biden has ordered U.S. flags at federal public buildings and military locations to be flown at half-staff until sunset Thursday.

According to NBC’s report, Investigators were probing the background of the suspect, Huu Can Tran, after the mass shooting at the Star Ballroom Dance Studio rocked the majority-Asian community as it gathered to celebrate the Lunar New Year on Saturday.

Tran, 72, died of a self-inflicted gunshot wound after being stopped by authorities following a manhunt, Los Angeles County Sheriff Robert Luna said Sunday.

“The unimaginable happened in our community last evening,” Monterey Park Mayor Henry Lo said in a statement Sunday, calling the deadly shooting a “horrible tragedy.”

“We understand our community is looking for answers,” he said, promising to update residents as the investigation continues.

Sources familiar with the investigation said a person in a white van subjected to a traffic stop in the coastal city of Torrance, about 30 miles from the crime scene, had fit the description of a person seen at crime scenes in both Monterey Park and adjacent Alhambra, where a gunman had entered another dance hall with a firearm shortly after the shooting in Monterey Park.

The gunman was quickly disarmed by community members in the second incident and managed to flee the scene.

As authorities, including SWAT officers, moved in on the van, they found the suspect had died. Several pieces of evidence in the van linked him to both crime scenes, Luna said. A handgun was also found in the van, he added.

A motive in the deadly incident is still unclear, Luna said.

California Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted Sunday morning that he was closely monitoring the shooting. His office said it was working with local law enforcement in response.

“Monterey Park should have had a night of joyful celebration of the Lunar New Year,” Newsom said. “Instead, they were the victims of a horrific and heartless act of gun violence.”

<By Eugene Lee>

Koreans came out to petition for Doraville public bathhouse permit


304 Koreans, including former secretary general of the Korean Association Gwangho Ra, received permission to petition

Asked for “Koreans to participate in the public hearing in Doraville at 6:00 pm on the 23rd”

Koreans stepped forward to obtain a business license for Roman Holiday, a public bath run by a Korean proprietor in Doraville.

On the 12th, Kwang-ho Ra, former secretary general of the Korean Association of Atlanta, and three Korean women visited stores run by other ethnic groups and Korean in Doraville, and asked to sign petition for permission of a business license of Roman Holiday.

The Korean group, including Secretary General Ra, obtained signature consent from a total of 304 people over two days and delivered it to Doraville city council members on the 18th.

Ra, who led the signature campaign, said, “The owner have been preparing for the business with a large amount of money, and I came forward with the hope that business will continue normally.”

“There was the International Sauna in Doraville a long time ago. Roman Holliday can be seen as expanding this sauna and upgrading the facilities, but it is unfortunate that things seem to be twisted.”

The city of Doraville approved the business by issuing a massage parlor license and an occupational tax certificate (OTC) in March of last year for ‘Roman Holiday’, a sauna/spa establishment scheduled to be built in the International Plaza in the city. 

In an interview with Global News Today in early December of last year, business owners Ms. Hur and Ms. Park explained the situation at the time, saying, “We finished all the interiors and facilities as instructed by the city and county authorities, and were waiting for the final inspection.”

Regarding the opening of a sauna in Doraville, which seemed to be going smoothly, the city of Doraville announced that it would hold a public hearing in December of last year, saying that the business license would be revoked because it operated under a temporary business license five months after permission was granted.

The city of Doraville cited the four receipts and the lock of the massage room as the reasons for pointing out that Roman Holiday was operating, and the owner, Ms. Hur said, “The receipt was only operated to test the register machine, and the lock of the massage room was not made separately, it was only attached to the doorknob,” she explained.

He also revealed, “Currently, all the walls of the massage room have been demolished and recreated as an open space.”

Mr. Lee with a lot of experience in urban development, said, “Since I-285 and I-85 meet, this Korean sauna for long-distance drivers and visitors has already existed in Doraville, which is visited by many out-of-state visitors. I think an upgraded sauna like Roman Holiday is a must-have.”

In addition, “If the city operates normally, the city’s tax revenue can be raised, residents as well as visitors from children to adults can take care of citizens’ health and provide rest, and there is a great advantage in benefiting unit-related businesses.” pointed out

The December public hearing notified by the city of Doraville was reviewed by the City Development Committee on the 4th after the schedule was changed, and on the 23rd (Mon) at 6:00 pm, the city council will resume the public hearing on this.

Attorney Alan Bergner, who is defending Roman Haliday, asked for support from Korean Americans, saying, “I hope that many Korean Americans will be interested and attend the public hearing.”

<By Eugene Lee>