“I will interact with all businessmen around the world”

Ted Lee Candidate for President of KACCUSA.

Ted Lee declares running for the election for president of the Korean American chamber of Commerce USA

Announced 5 major pledges, revitalized 78 chapters, and pledged all-out efforts for World Korean Business Convention

Ted Lee, senior vice president for political affairs of the Korean American chamber of Commerce USA (KACCUSA: Hwang Byeong-gu, president), ran for electio of the 29th President. So far, it is likely that the president will be elected as a single candidate.

Candidate Ted Lee held a press conference in Duluth, Atlanta on the 27th, officially declared his run for the next president, and delivered 60 letters of recommendation for candidacy, as well as a deposit of $20,000 to the Election Committee of KACCUSA.

Mr. Cho Gyeong-gu, a member of the Election Committee of KACCUSA, and Mr. Sun Park, president of the Korean Chamber of Commerce in Atlanta, Georgia attended the press conference.

KACCUSA has formed an election management committee (Chairman Kim Young-chang) for the election of the next president, and the election of the president of the general election is held in Washington, DC on April 7th, if the candidate is a single candidate by midnight on the 30th of this month, The non-voting election will be announced, and the term of office will be two years from June 1st.

Candidate Ted Lee said in his bid to run, “I will interact with all businessmen around the world.” and he said “We will make it possible to create the foundation for the future.”

Candidate Lee’s five pledges for running for general president were ‘respect for the rules of the general meeting, succession to previous businesses, regular holding of World Korean Business Convention, sound financial establishment, and expansion of scholarship and education projects’.

He also announced that he would do his best to successfully host World Korean Business Convention to be held in Orange county, CA. in October.

Sun Park, president of the Korean Chamber of Commerce Atlanta Georgia said, “We actively support Ted Lee’s running for the president of KACCUSA.”

Candidate Lee served as the president of the Korean Chamber of Commerce Atlanta Georgia from 2014 to 2015, and served as an executive from the 21st to the 27th period of KACCUSA, and as a senior vice president in the 28th period, actively interacting with many regional governments in S.Korea.

In particular, Lee played a leading role in international MOU exchanges such as the chameber of commerce of China, Korean-Chinese chamebr of commerce of China, and Australian Chamber of Commerce at World Korean Business Convention held in Ulsan, Korea last year.

In the last 28th election, when the division of KACCUSA was almost over, Ted yielded the election for the purpose of reconciling and rebuilding KACCUSA, and instead gave the candidate seat to current president Hwang Byung-koo to empower president Hwang Byung-koo and contirbute $ 5,000 to KACCUSA.

In particular, while serving as the president of the Atlanta Korean American Leaders Association, he showed great interest in local volunteer activities and is awarded the Presidential Volunteer Service Award every year to encourage youth and next-generation resources.

Candidate Ted Lee is currently the CEO of Whale Enterprises and Whale Enterprises LLC, a medical device business.

<By Eugene Lee>

On the 27th, Ted Lee, senior vice-president for political affairs at KACCUSA, ran for president of KACCUSA (From left) Candidate Ted Lee, Election Committee member Cho Gyeong-gu, and Sun Park, president of the Korean chamber of commerce of Atlanta Georgia./Korean News Atlanta
Ted Lee Candidate for President of KACCUSA.

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