Gas Price trends lower through weekend

A customer clutching $20 bills pumps gas at a Phillips 66 gas station in Centennial, Colorado. (REUTERS/Rick Wilking / Reuters Photos)

The average price for a gallon of regular gasoline slipped again on Monday remaining below the $5 threshold for a third day.

Gas reached $5 a gallon more than a week ago.

The price declined by a fraction to $4.981, according to AAA. The price on Sunday fell below the $5 threshold at $4.983. 

Diesel dropped incrementally to $5.815, down from $5.816 on Sunday.

President Biden has been facing a flood of criticism lately for a lack of executive action aimed at curbing inflation. On higher gas prices, the president has pivoted between blaming Russian President Vladimir Putin for his invasion of Ukraine and oil company’s profit motives. 

ExxonMobil fired back at Biden after he threatened them with “emergency powers” if they don’t boost supply to temper surging gas prices. 

National Average Gas Prices

Oil prices tumbled about 6% to a four-week low on Friday on concerns demand will slump as interest rate hikes by central banks will slow the economy.

The price of U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude was $109.85, up 29 cents, or 0.3%.

In a statement released Wednesday from the company, ExxonMobil said it has been in regular contact with the administration providing updates on how it has been investing “more than any other company to develop U.S. oil and gas supplies.” 

The White House is reportedly floating the idea of gas rebates for U.S. residents due to record gas prices.

A White House official told FOX Business that the administration has not ruled out the distribution of gas rebate cards. The cards would hypothetically subsidize the price of gas for Americans – many of whom are struggling to make ends meet with fuel now priced at the level of a luxury good.


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